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Supporters’ Charter

Our sport, rugby, conveys its own values ​​such as respect for others, solidarity and conviviality. These values ​​are a heritage, a legacy to be preserved and passed on.

Thus the Associations must make each meeting a privileged moment, a celebration, whatever the importance and the stakes. The Supporters’ Associations are there to support and encourage the team and the players, to help the club in good and bad times, to promote and share the values ​​of rugby by all means at their disposal.

At home:

The visitors have travelled a long way to support their team, so the home supporter should:

  • Receive visiting supporters in a friendly way, before the match if possible.
  • Facilitate their access to the stands.
  • During the match let them express themselves, support their team.
  • Share with them a glass of friendship; spend a 3rd half as only our sport has the secret. Win, lose or draw – together we celebrate the spirit of rugby.


It is by showing ourselves in our best light that opposing supporters will understand that we are true rugby fans. Go amongst them and don’t hesitate to mingle. We are all part of the rugby family.

Let us remember that the 3rd half is after the game. Let’s not stagger in front of the friends who receive us.

Singing, making noise, respecting the two teams, partying must be our principles, whatever the weather, the weariness or even the result of the match.